Tip: Use the Online-Update function of POIView SE to automatically search for new versions. Using this function you can be sure to always have the newest version.

New: The current version supports the export to Google Earth (POIs and trips)!

Here is the newest version 7.0!

The development of this software is stopped. The free version is not available any more.

POIView SE Application Registered (Installer), 441kB created 10/19/2010 (German and English) - only for registered users

POIView SE Manual (PDF), 659kB created 11/15/2008 (English)

Additional comments

To download the registered versions please enter your eMail in lowercase and the first eight characters of your registration key inside the login window.

If you get an error message about missing files during startup it is possible that the MFC DLLs are missing. Starting with version 5.3 POIView SE requires these DLLs for having a smaller download. These files should be on most PCs. In case you do not have these files you can get them here If you still have problems just send me an eMail.