Here are some code examples published by us. All code is for Windows, C++ and MFC. A link to the current version is placed under the description. Comments inside the code is English.

DirectUI Window as in XP system folders  (A. Bischofberger )

When selecting the picture folder in Windows XP you see a list containing the main tasks for this folder on the left side (e.g. printing pictures). This side bar can now be used in your own application - choose one of the 4 predefined styles, e.g. Office or Windows XP.

Simple update check function  (A. Bischofberger )

You want a "auto update" functionallity in your application for searching for new versions of your product? Simply use this class and put a text file on your server. No need for dynamic server pages (PHP or ASP) or other programms running on the server. Perfect for small applications and chep web servers.

Tear-off menus  (A. Bischofberger )

Do you know the tear-off menus from Offic? Till now there was no such functionallity in your own application. But using this class you can have it!

Intellimouse panning (A universal Auto-Panning solution)  (M. Pasternak )

Using this class you can add Intellimouse panning (as seen in the InternetExplorer) to your windows. New windows and controls can be supported easily due to the open interface.