What file formats are supported?

Currently only image files using the JPG format are supported. This is the most common file format for digital image files.

What are the predefined formats?

The following formats are predefined:

  • eMail small: max. 640 Pixel width/height, max. 50kB file size
  • eMail medium: max. 800 Pixel width/height, max. 100kB file size
  • eMail large: max. 1024 Pixel width/height, max. 500kB file size
  • max. 600 Pixel width/height, max. 99kB file size

Other formats can be set using the dialog.

What are the system requirements?

Windows 98 or newer.

What does it cost? How is the support?

This software is free. Therefor I can't guarantee any support. In case you have any problems or ideas for future versions just send me an eMail. I'll always help you if I have time to. There is no guarantee that this application is bug-free, doesn't delete anything, is secure etc.

Where is the manual?

There is no manual. Each step is explained directly on the dialog page.

Links, Downloads
Can I offer this software to users of my page / forum / ...?

No problem - this software was made to use it. I am happy about everyone who uses this software. So this means for all website owners and forum owners (called "webmasters" further on;):

  • This software can be offered for download. It does not matter if you do this by linking to this page or have a copy of the software on your sever. I prefer putting a link to my page.
  • It would be nice to put a link back to on your site.
  • It would be nice to send me a short eMail telling me your site / forum name.
  • It is not allowed to offer the software in a way that I would recommend the webmaster. If you offer this software on a page (or put a link there) with content like porn, illegal downloads, discussing extreme political positions, I have the right to enjoin you from offering this software.

In case of any questions please send me an eMail.