Welcome to LogViewer's homepage!

Wat is LogViewer?

Using this program you can analyze your website log files. It's easy to find any erros like missing files or your top traffic pages.

What's the difference to other (similar) programs?

Until now there were just two different kinds of programs you could use:

  • Expensive, complicated analying tools, that help you to do this job even on complex commercial web sites
  • Cheap (or free) programs that were hard to use for beginners.

LogViewer is going a different way: The main idea is displaying all web site files in a tree (as the Windows Explorer). That's easy, isn't it?! All predefined reports refer only to the files and folders under the currently selected folder. Doing this you can analyze different projects (in different folders) on their own. As this program is basicly ment for small web sites all data is analyzed "online" and not saved in any database. This is more flexible as you don't need any proprietary database or file format.

What do I need for LogViewer?

No matter if you are customer of a simple Webspace provider, have your virtual server or even a root server - you can use this program. Get the log files (they are often in a subdirectory named logs when you access your site using FTP and have filenames like access.log.15.gzor access.log.1). Open these files in LogViewer - and you're ready for analyzing!

What does this cost?

This program is free of charge!

How does LogViewer look?

Some screenshots are available on this site.

So - get it and have fun!