Here you see some screenshots:


Take a look at this short movie to see how you can analyze your log files.

Main window

On the left side you see all transfered file of your site as a folder tree. Any request that causes an error is marked with a red dot. (here: red marker on the first two subdirectories).

Any error message is forwarded up in the tree and marked with a red dot. Doing this makes it easy for you to locate the possible errors on your site. In the sample errors occured e.g. in the directory cgi. Having a look at the color you can distinguish between errors of category 4xx (red) or 3xx (yellow).

Filters and more

Some pages allow you to use filters. Einige Dialoge haben die Möglichkeit, die angezeigten Daten weiter zu filtern und somit einzugrenzen. Links to internet pages can be opened directly by clicking on the link.