Any questions? Here are the answers!

What kinds of log formats are supported?

Currently the most common Apache formats Common and Full are supported.

Even compressed log files (gz or zip) are opened directly.

Where do you save the data?

All data is analyzed "live". No data is stored to any kind of database. This can cause a small delay during reading the files or creation of a report. This is approx. 1 sec per 10.000 lines of log during reading the file or 0.5 sec for creating a report

What log file sizes do suit?

I'm focusing small (privat or half-private) sites containing one or more domains. Even larger files can be analyzed, but this will cause the program to slow down during file open. Any size of up to 10 MB is just right. Larger files (even more than 100 MB) can be opened - if you have time...

Do you send the private log data anywhere?

No data is sent to me or anybody else.

What systems are supported?

Windows (95 or higher) and an installed Internet Explorer are required.

What's the price? What about service?

The price is zero! Therefor I can't guarantee any support. But if you have problems or requests for future versions please send an eMail. I'll help you if I have time. I also can not guarantee for any report results, that the program is totally bugfree or that it has no security risks. As I use it myself be sure that I'll fix any problem I know as soon as possible! It's simply "What you get is what you see".