Frequently asked questions
Where can I get map files?

Currently only a few maps are available for download (using the download menu item). Due to copyright reasons it's hard to offer other maps, as I am not allowed to copy these map images. But you can create your own maps - take a look the manual.

Do I really have to register POIView?

You only need to register this software if you want to have the advanced functions that are not available in the unregistered version or if you use the software commercial use. Please check the manual for more information.

Why is the software not completly freeware? Can I get the source code?

Developing this application took me some months of work. Therefor I think it's ok to take a small fee for my work. And don't forget: Almost all functions are available without registration! You can test the software as long as you like before registering, so that's a fair offer in my eyes...

I found a bug!

There's no way to created software without bugs (as far as I know...). If you are sure that the bug is in the software and not in your computer configuration please send an eMail with exact desctiption of the bug, the actions you made before and the files you used. The eMail adress is located at the bottom of this page.

What languages are supported?

The software's user interface (menues, dialogs) are in German or English, depending on your Windows version. There's no need to specify a language in POIView. The manual is currently available only in English.

Other languages are not planned at the moment.

Downloaded POIs are wrong / incomplete.

POI collections are not offered by POIView. Please contact the publisher using the web adress that is available in the download dialog.

I miss a function / could you please include a new function...?

Please send a mail describing the new function you'd like to have. If I see a chance to code this (and the function is interesting to other users) I'd try to put it to future releases of POIView. Support for Google Earth was one of these features requested by users like you.

Who created this software?

Me. When I started using several overlay files I saw no program that had all the functionality I needed. So I created this software. After adding mir functions I published it - and there it is!

This software is created during my sparetime, with no additional developers.