What is POIView?

When you have a PocketPC based navigation system and your software supports user definded POIs (Points Of Interest) you need POIView! POIView helps you to manage, view, edit and print these POIs directly on your desktop PC - and many things more.

What do I need for POIView?

Simply download this program and start it - no need to install the software. Using this program you can download POIs directly from POIHandler with this software (internet access required).

Please take a look to the documentation to find out what this software can do for you.

What does POIView cost?

Best of all, POIView is free! You are allowed to use this software as long as you like to without paying anything. If you enjoy the software please consider a registration. With your registration the software has several new functions that can be found in the documentation.

How does POIView look like?

You can take a look to several screenshots to get a first impression.

So - get it!