You are allowed to use POIView without registration as long as you like to. In case you need the extended functions (see: manual), use the software non-private (company) or want to turn off the update screens you have to register the software.

This registration fee is 10 EUR (approx. 10 US$). With your registration you will get all upcomming versions at no additional cost (excl. your internet access fees). Registering this software helps me to develop this program! Please take a look at the software licence that you accept with your registration (see: manual).

Please allow me a few days for sending the registration data. In rare cases, e.g. holidays (August), it may take up to two weeks. Be sure: You will get your key!

Contact me if you don't understand my English licence.

Please send the 10 EUR to

or, from outside Germany, using the SWIFT and IBAN code:

Send me an eMail if you want to send the money in an other way.

Please put POIView and your name on the money transfer. After sending

You can also use PayPal: